Eddie Howe said Liverpool’s equalizer shouldn’t have happened

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Newcastle boss Eddie Howe has said Liverpool’s equalizer shouldn’t have happened with two knockouts.

Newcastle lost 3-1 to Liverpool in the Premier League on Thursday night, with Salikadong remaining 19th with just 10 points from 17 games.

After the game, Howe answered a question via BT Sport on Diogo Jota’s equalizer, which had the Newcastle player tumble through injury.

“In my view the game should have stopped before they equalized because two players fell. Two players fell into the penalty area. And it greatly affects our game plan. According to reports by ufabet

“Suddenly they score a goal. And it felt unfair. The referee said he thought he was hit in the back but Isaac Hayden was hit in the head. He was stunned for more than 4-5 minutes.

“It can be dangerous and we have to think about the safety of the players. You don’t want to see the game being decided when you have a player out of the game.”

Eddie Howe said Liverpool’s equalizer shouldn’t have happened

Many believe Liverpool’s debut goal shouldn’t have held up

But it was Alexander-Arnold’s challenge on Fraser that sparked the most controversy, with Dean deciding that the Liverpool man had the least contact with the ball.

Gray added, “Then in the second half Ryan Fraser breaks through. He’s got no reason to go down if there’s no contact!

“He’s going to get there first because he got the right side from Trent Alexander-Arnold. You have to watch it!

“These are the decisions you make when you’re down in the league. They go for you when you are at the top of the table.

“We’re all talking about this favor that some of the best teams maybe get. Newcastle should have had it tonight.

“I’m not a Newcastle supporter, far from it. But I have to say that I felt for them tonight. And these decisions, they change the games.