Jurgen Klopp said at a press conference ahead of the Spurs visit

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said at a press conference ahead of the Spurs visit (December 19) that he may not be able to use the same three players who have been exposed to high-risk coronavirus. By secretly slashing the antagonist Manchester United that they tried to conceal their own information at the outbreak.

‘ Reds ‘ prompted three players Fernando Gil Van Dyke , far from Rodriguez and Kevin Curtis Jones exposed high-risk cattle wid -19 did not join the grinder on a game-winning Newcastle’s 3-1 when. last thursday  

Recently , Klopp has informed progress that they have not confirmed a positive coronavirus test. Just quarantine first. The possibility of going south to London as well is minimal.  

“ Still not confirmed that it is a covid infection. It’s part of the process of getting the perfect result. Let me just say that, ” said Klopp .  

“ They are not here this time. Isolation is still normal. ” 

“ Currently, no one else has tested positive. But this is just the beginning of the day The players are coming to report to practice, so let’s wait and see. ”

The 54- year- old boss also urged league member clubs to disclose information about athletes infected with COVID- 19 for medical purposes or to monitor their timelines. 

not to hide information Amapa fears information leaks like Manchester United are doing now.  

“Three people may not be available. If they were ready to compete, I would say so. ” 

“ Looking at Manchester United, I’ve heard that they have contracted coronavirus. Honestly, is it really necessary to know who , how many people in total ? – Not like that. Is it a little weird? ” 

“ We don’t need to hide anything. The first thing to consider and pay attention to is our children. including welfare ” 

“ If someone is sick on my side Then the media asks and they will say – It’s sick – or if anyone has a broken toe, I will say – It’s a broken toe – ” 

‘ Red Devils ‘ according to the ufabet news, the number of coronavirus cases is uncertain Assume that there are two digits. As a result, the game had to be postponed by two matches.