Mikel Arteta takes on role of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

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Mikel Arteta head coach of Arsenal, takes on parole role of a tutor Pierre-Emerfootballick Aubameyang has been ruled out for a third consecutive game in the league due to repeated disciplinary offenses.

Obama’s cool to leave to visit his ailing mother to France, then returned a late one day count as a breach of discipline, the third since Arteta sitting head coach ordered sanctions prohibit race to the total. the game will be visited Elliot Island Road just three shots to find the South, Wolverhampton , West Ham , coupled forfeiture captain’s armband.    

In a press release, the 38- year- old boss reiterated that he was unnamed. by all decisions made by himself  

“ That guy is not in the name. ” Arteta had stopped being a kind senior then he is Adapted to a brutal teacher.

“ For the upcoming game, he has not been involved on the pitch. He doesn’t have a name for the game against Leeds, that’s the situation at the moment. ”  

Mikel Arteta takes on role of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

But which Aubameyang has not taken the armband Alex Masson at La Sainte Matt Dempsey led the team works professionally. However, Arteta has avoided talking about a new contract.

” Works of Alex , engaging and credible. it’s no doubt And all of this didn’t happen. Because of the circumstances in his contract. ” 

“ I had the opportunity to sit and discuss with him in the summer what the team situation is. We both clearly understood the point. The circumstances of Obama’s not well . ” 

“ Lacazette has always been a key player in the team. Since we worked together, I’m very satisfied with that guy. ”

Interpreting from the words Arteta is that Lacazette may not have a new contract. But ready to play fully professionally. The ‘ big guns ‘ are willing to facilitate if the Frenchman finds a tight negotiator. After changing the calendar year according to the player’s right to have a contract with less than 6 months remaining.