Ralph wail Southampton is not sharp because of defeat at home.

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Ralph Hasenhüttl, Southampton coach consider that. The reason for the defeat of their own team comes from the fact that the offensive line is not sharp even though there are many opportunities to do.

Southampton lost 2-1 at home to Newcastle in the Premier League on Thursday. With the Saints now in 10th place with 35 points from 28 games. Ralph

“Of course we are not satisfied. We lost to a team that fought hard for 3 points, not much chance. I think we had 11 shots in the box UFABET and only scored one. That’s what’s different today.

“In the first 15 minutes after the second goal it was difficult for us. But in the last 20 minutes I felt like we tried to play as we could again. We had a good chance of scoring against a team. That was deep in defense. The players went down to the floor because of cramps and everything. I don’t know if they did it because they wanted to stop the rhythm of our game.

“It’s not surprising that we lost at home again. But the way we lose, I think it’s avoidable. I don’t know if we were a bad team today or not. Probably not. It’s not about ball possession. Football is a game that scores low goals. And we want to score goals at the right moment.

“Winning in the Premier League is always difficult. We have our chances from our next home game on Sunday. And hopefully we’ll be a little sharper than before.”