Wayne Rooney doesn’t want to speak about a link to Everton

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Derby County manager Wayne Rooney doesn’t want to speak about a link to Everton, but insists he will not turn down if the opportunity arises.

         Rafael Benitez is working under pressure after winning just one of his last 11 league games. With the most recent coming in a 1-1 draw with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Thursday night past.

         With this deterioration there has been news of a replacement for a manager. One of whom is Rooney, who has now stepped up as a manager. Which is not enough to answer this matter at this time, but insists that he will not refuse if the opportunity comes.

         When asked about links with Everton, the former England striker joked: “I don’t think I will miss it, to be honest!”

         “Of course I’m from Everton’s academy, an Everton fan. But I saw the reports and I didn’t talk to Everton Football Club.

         “As far as I know they have a manager already. So for me it’s not a matter of discussing that.”

         “As I said I am committed to this club.”

nstead, he has refused to be drawn into the rumours around Benitez’s future and reaffirmed his commitment to Derby.

“I obviously came up through Everton’s Academy, Everton fan. But I see the reports and I have had no communication with Everton Football Club,” Rooney said.

“As far as I am aware they have got a manager in place. So for me to discuss anything like that, it’s not my place to do that.