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The Department of Justice operating day and night to have the American Muslim’s rights protected. The American members of different communities are being safeguarded against threats and perils which are directed to them by ethnicity and religious aspects. There is a need to have them protected at their place of worship and at workplaces, learning institutions among other areas. The crime rates according to the recent investigation done by the department of justice have risen at a tremendous rate. There are more incidents that have noticed involving violence, threats as well as vandalism. Attorneys are also working hard to have the American Muslim members protected against all perils. You will note that significant assistance is much required to have the Muslim members priced at all means. Working with the department of justice is the best way to have all the kind of violence and threats agents the members gone once and for all.

Some of the threats which may be experienced in most worship places such as mosques need to be eliminated once and for all to have the members having a good setting for worshiping. The kind of sentence which is administered to the members causing violence is the imprisonment of at least six years. An extensive range of laws practicing against discrimination is normally based on region and ethnicity. This is an indication that strict measures need to be adopted to have the threats eradicated once and for all. Protection against discrimination is also based on religion and ethnicity. This is an indication that there is a need to have some practices adopted to have unity among members enhanced. It is also the best way to have the Muslims and other members living as brothers and sisters. In case you have no idea on what the Muslim civil right is all about you can have a look at the credible sources such as the internet to learn more details. There as the listings of the civil rights which are contained in which one can pay attention to read and get time to explore what it is all about. The Act best comrade many members more so on the employee’s religious who normally face hardships in the hands of employers.

It is the best way to cope with such hardships and live a better life which best favors the members of different religion and ethnicity. The kind of clothing such members put on is among the civil rights Act offers. Through the Act it becomes very easy for the members to be sure of the right religious dresses to wear at any time. Refusing to remove the headscarf are among the things which are available on the Act to help Muslim members to know what about their rights. The filing of the At took place in 2004 and have of late been implemented to permit all the Muslim members on the right dressing. For the case of harassment, it becomes easy for the Muslim members to understand the way forward and help in dealing with different cases such as ant bullying.

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