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Using Scalp Micropigmentation

The scalp micropigmentation had been around us for around several years. It was only fully recognized some few years ago. Actually, this kind of process do had come into many names as you know. The treatment is actually the same regardless of the name it has. The procedure is that, fine needle is being implanted into the scalp with the use of the fine tattoo needle. The scalp can contain around 2000 hair follicles per square inch that is why the artist need to tattoo the microdot right into the scalp that can give it an appearance of some sort of saved head of hair. The result of this one is natural and it will be safer and better kind of option as compared to the hair transplantation, wigs, or hair plugs.

With the use of the scalp micropigmentation, it can be able to work with any age as well as skin type and any skin color and it can also be able to work on any level of the baldness. This can also work with both gender that do come into the offices with the thinning hair placed into the top area of the scalp. The good thing about this scalp micropigmentation is that this can surely work by simply creating some sort of camouflage with the use of those thousands microdots available. This can actually give some sort of effect of fullness and hair density and give the full head of hair appearance.

To add, this kind of treatment can be a good procedure that can be used for it to cover the scars in the scalp. The scalp tattooing is also an adjunct treatment to that of the hair transplant scarring and this can be able to help in order for it to add some sort of density into an area that had acquired scarring. If you have medical treatment in the hair and you are balding then this can surely be of great help.

Lastly, this procedure is not same with the body tattoo treatment that uses the ink. The artist used ink in body tattooing instead of the pigment and the ink goes much deeper into the dermis of the skin. The customers will only describe the as having bites of the mosquito. With the use of the numbing cream, then client cannot experience the pain anymore.

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